Jetson V6 Hoverboard Review: It’s More Than Just A Scooter

person standing on a jetson v6 hoverboard while watching the sunset

When you hear the word hoverboard, it can be easy to imagine one of those crazy, cool skateboards floating above the ground in the movie Back to the Future Part II. The Jetson V6 hoverboard isn't quite the same thing, but it is a self balancing scooter, and you can have a great time riding it. There are endless wondrous things that can be said about the Jetson V6 hoverboard.

Why Ride A Hoverboard?

man teaching a woman on how to ride a Hoverboard

Besides the obvious reason of having an enjoyable time riding a Jetson hoverboard, there are many other benefits. The self balancing scooter is a great option for transportation. Since the Jetson V6 Hoverboard speed can go as high as ten miles per hour, it is a terrific option to go short distances a bit faster than walking. Riding the hoverboard will also help you to increase your agility and balance, reflexes and core strength. You won't burn the number of calories you would by jogging or riding a bike, but on average you could burn between 230 and 300 calories when you ride the hoverboard for half an hour.

What Is A Jetson V6 Hoverboard?

person standing on a Jetson V6 Hoverboard with LED lights

Unlike the hoverboard in the movies, the hoverboards we have for recreation and commuting do not look like floating skateboards. They are actually split boards with two wheels, one to the right and one to the left, with the rider standing in the middle between the wheels. The boards are similar to Segways, but with no handle or bar to hold on to.

The Jetson V6 hoverboard is a self balancing scooter with a ton of fantastic features that make it one of the best boards in the commercial market. It is considered the best board for beginners and also for recreation, meaning it may be the most fun.

Product Specs

The Jeston V6 Hoverboard runs on two dual hub motors which together create 700 watts of electric power. This electric power allows the Jetson V6 Hoverboard to speed up to 10 miles per hour. The self balancing scooter is powered by a dynamic lithium-ion battery with a continuous performance for up to fifteen miles before recharging.

Lights, Music, Action

Your Jetson V6 Hoverboard becomes a true party mobile when you turn on the LED lights which sync to the music beats projecting out of the Bluetooth powered speakers. In addition, the V6 has extra features when you download the free app, which allows you to choose between three various ride modes and track how far you travel and how long it takes you to get there. You can also share all of your activity with family and friends.

Additional Features

  • You can customize the LED lighting feature
  • You can choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced levels
  • Battery lasts about two hours and takes half hour to recharge
  • The Jetson V6 Hoverboard has a “Lost My Hoverboard” locater feature
  • This hoverboard can safely carry up to 300 LBS


The Jetson V6 Hoverboard can be found on several online stores including Amazon, Target, Kohls and the Jetson website. Prices vary between $$ and $$.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products to the Jetson V6 Hoverboard available on the market to see how they compare.

Jetson V6 Hoverboard

Jetson Electric Bikes V6 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter with Powerful 700W Motor, LED Lights, Bluetooth Speaker and UL Certified Safe Battery
  • TWO OF A KIND - Dual hub motors unite to create 700 watts of pure electric power, pushing the V6 to speeds up to 10 mph.
  • PARTY ANIMAL - Play your music with the enhanced Bluetooth speaker, sync the LED lights to the beat, and keep the party going.
  • IT GOES ON AND ON - The powerful lithium-ion battery has a long lasting charge, keeping the V6 going for up to 15 miles.
  • EXTRA FEATURES- Get the free app to choose between 3 different ride modes, track travel time and distance, share your activity with friends, and more.



The price varies depending on the retail outlet you purchase from.


The Jetson V6 can speed up to ten miles per hour, which is faster than many other competitors.

Design Quality

The Rubber tires are one of the best design features, and the overall aesthetic of the hoverboard is very attractive.

Battery Life

The battery life last up to 15 miles or two hours and takes about a half hour to recharge.


  • Play music while you ride your Jetson V6 Hoverboard using the Bluetooth Speakers
  • Has LED lights on either side that can be programmed and timed with the music
  • Can travel up to a speed of 10 MPH
  • Can travel up to 15 miles before recharging
  • Has rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • You can choose your kill level
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • Perfect fit for beginners
  • Lost My Hoverboard' feature
  • Downloadable App that allows you to track and share your progress and activities
  • Available in different color choices
  • One year limited warranty


  • A bit heavier than average
  • Awkward to carry for some because of its shape and size
  • Have to recharge after 15 miles
  • The command sounds are somewhat high pitched and can be annoying

Swagtron Swagboard Elite Hoverboard

Swagtron T380 Hoverboard - Bluetooth Speaker & Lights, Personalize Experience w/Android/iOS App (Pink)
  • 8 MILE TOP SPEED & 11 MILE RANGE - The T380 can reach speeds of up to 8 MPH and a range of 11 miles on a single charge
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED - This 2-wheel self-balancing scooter has undergone and surpassed rigorous electrical safety tests
  • PLAY YOUR MUSIC ON THE GO - The T380 features Bluetooth speakers that allow you to play music while you ride
  • GO FASTER THAN EVER - The hover skate-board features an upgraded 250W motor and gear stabilization for tighter traction
  • UPGRADED SOFTWARE- The motorized scooter features upgraded software for smoother rides and more responsive controls

The Swagtron Swagboard Elite Hoverboard, also called the T3, is also a hands-free, self balancing scooter that, like the Jetson V6 Hoverboard, runs on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It also has the Bluetooth speaker feature to play music and has color coded LED lights. This hoverboard has a maximum speed of 8 miles per hour and its battery charge will last between seven and twelve miles.

It also has two selectable riding modes for a beginner and intermediate, and you can also use the advanced mode after downloading the Swagtron App. The board also comes with a carrying strap. You can purchase a bar for extra safety balance. The hoverboard safely holds up to 220 LBS maximum weight.



The price varies depending on the retail outlet you purchase from.


The max speed on this board is eight miles per hour.

Design Quality

This unit has a solid body and moves easily.

Battery Life

Battery life is twelve miles with a two hour recharging time.


  • Carries a max weight of 220 LBS
  • Has a Bluetooth speakers feature for playing music
  • LED lights with color coding
  • Three different performance modes
  • Downloadable app for more features
  • Different color choices
  • Built-in carrying strap
  • One year limited warranty


  • Weighs twenty-two pounds
  • Battery life is not that long
  • Not as fast as others

SEGWAY miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter 2018 Edition

Segway miniPRO Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter, Black (2018 Version)
  • Features 10.5" pneumatic air-filled tires, durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame, mobile app controls, and customizable LED lights.
  • For your safety, the miniPRO will limit the max speed to 4.3 mph (7 km/h) until you complete the New Rider Tutorial. The battery should never be removed from the unit and should never be stored or exposed to temperatures below 15°F or above 120°F.
  • Designed for ages 16 and up. Max load of 220 lbs.
  • Charge time of 4 hours. 10 mph top speed and 12.5 mile range. Max climbing angle of 15°.

The Segway miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter 2018 Edition is the same as the previous miniPro but has a smaller battery. This self balancing scooter is not considered a hoverboard. It is different in that it has a higher level of security and safety requirements, and is not for children. It is considered a personal transporter scooter and is not a toy. The scooter has a knee control bar that aids in balancing easily and quickly. It has an 800 watt dual motor which gives it up-to-the edge power to allows the rider to travel up to ten miles per hour. It is designed to travel over humps and slopes safely without falling off.

Safety Features

This Segway has automatic headlights and programmable LED taillights. The self balancing transporter has an automatic speed control feature when you are traveling at top speeds and on rougher terrain. There is also an anti-theft feature included.

You can travel up to 12.5 miles before needing to recharge the Lithium-ion battery. You can download and use the phone app to modify safety features, change the LED lighting colors, run diagnostics, or remote command your scooter to move and to lock your Segway miniPro.



The price varies depending on the retail outlet you purchase from.


Travel speed is up to 10 miles per hour.

Design Quality

This has a very sturdy, strong, quality design.

Battery Life

You can go up to 12.5 miles before recharging.


  • Extremely safe
  • Automatic headlights and LED taillights
  • Automatic speed control
  • Anti-theft system
  • High speed at 10 MPH
  • Padded knee bar for extra control and balance
  • Has tutorial to teach you to ride
  • Holds up to 220 LLBS


  • Some of the safety features are inhibiting
  • Makes a beeping noise when reaching top speeds
  • Stops and starts on its own for safety
  • Expensive
  • Not for children under 16 years of age
  • Supervision recommended for teenagers 16 to 18 years of age
  • Must pass tutorial before full using is unlocked

GOTRAX SRX Hoverboard

GOTRAX SRX Hoverboard - UL2272 Self Balancing Hover Board w/Bluetooth Speakers (Black)
  • 400 WATTS & 36V Battery - power the SRX up to 7mph for a distance of 5 miles
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS - Listen to music safely as you ride your self balancing hoverboard
  • SELF BALANCING MODE - This hoverboard uses a gyroscope to keep the foot pedals level with or without a rider making it easier to ride, step on/off
  • LED LIGHTING - Features color LED lights in the wheels and two LED headlights
  • ELECTRICAL SAFETY CERTIFIED - Electrical, battery, and charger systems tested & certified to UL 2272 safety standards.

The GOTRAX SRX Hoverboard is another type of self balancing hoverboard that is designed for kids and adults and for both indoor and outdoor terrain. This hands-free scooter is on a lower price spectrum compared to the other hoverboards featured here. This board travels at a maximum speed of 7.4 miles per hour. It has an electrical battery charge that lasts up to twelve miles of riding distance. It has a 250 watts dual motor for 500 watts of total power for a smooth and strong boost of a ride. This scooter also holds a maximum weight of 220 LBS safely.

Other Features

One of the most popular features of this hoverboard is the LED lights. The headlights can change colors when you change directions and has a zero degree turning radius. There are seven unique colors to choose from to allow you to show off your own style. Recharging time for the battery is two to three hours.



The price varies depending on the retail outlet you purchase from.


The GOTRAX SRX Hoverboard travels up to 7.4 MPH.

Design Quality

The tires are strong, quality, rubber tires and the frame is sturdy and well made.

Battery Life

Battery life lasts up to 12 miles, and it takes up to three hours to recharge.


  • LED lights that change colors when you change direction
  • Carries up to 220 LLBS maximum weight
  • Less expensive than most others on the market
  • Travels up to 7.4 MPH
  • Easily turns
  • Several unique and vibrant colors to choose from


  • Beeps repeatedly while riding
  • Does not have Bluetooth
  • Does not play music
  • No decorative LED lighting on the sides
  • Slower speed than average


newly bought Black Jetson V6 Hoverboard outside the box

After comparing the Jetson V6 Hoverboard to the other hoverboards featured here, you can see that in capability and design, it is way above average. The Jetson V6 Hoverboard holds more weight, which is a bonus for some. It also has the Bluetooth music feature and the LED lights that can be synced by the rider. It travels up to 10 miles per hour and has a longer than average battery life. The Jetson V6 Hoverboard is suitable for riders young and old and makes a great gift.

What Features are the Most Important?

person wearing rubber shoes comfortably riding a Jetson V6 Hoverboards

When it comes to choosing the right hoverboard for you, it really depends on which aspects of the self balancing scooters are the most important. Is it the price, the safety features, the motor power wattage, the available colors, the fancy lights or the capability to play music? Do you want various levels of skill options, rider teaching tutorials or anti-theft and loss systems?

If you are purchasing a hoverboard for recreational use and for beginners, the Jetson V6 Hoverboard has the highest rating. The Gotrax is less expensive and also great for beginners, but does not have all the features of the Jetson V6.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Segway MiniPro. This is a beautiful hands-free transporter that highlights its top safety features. It is not for children and it is much more pricey than the other self-balancing scooters.

The Swagtron Swagboard Elite Hoverboard is the closest in similarity to the Jetson V6 Hoverboard. However, the Jetson V6 is faster and travels further on its battery before needing a recharge. The V6 also holds more weight, and it has three automatic skill level changes, while the Swagtron only has two, with one that you can download with the app. Out of the self balancing scooters featured, the Jetson V6 would be ranked the highest and is our personal choice for recommendation.


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